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a bit about me:

I am a Maltese dog and my name is Tobi. I have already lived on earth for 5 years. I am blessed with a loving family. I am the special child for my father and mother. My brother and sister goes to school. I miss them a lot when they are at school. I am very happy living with my family. I can run so fast that I could chase a car. I love playing in the park during summer time.

 Unlike most of the puppies, my father decided not to neuter me and experience life with natural progress of my physical development. Thank you daddy….

 I am kind of experiencing some attraction towards girl dogs. I am sadden to know that most of them are spayed and don’t experience mutual feeling.

 I am actively looking for a date. If you are a maltase, poodle, Shiatsu or belongs to any other small dog breeds, I would love to meet you.

 I live in Scarborough, Ontario. Please look into my dating tab for details.

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