1. When breeding, it is important that your dog is not related to the stud dog.
  2. A normal heat cycle will begin with blood and swelling of the vagina. This will carry on for 9 days.  On the 10 day the female will ovulate and the blood will change to a brownish discharge instead.  This is the day that you will want to breed your dog.
  3. Not all female dogs are text book dogs.  They can be as individual as you and I.  Some female’s hormones are so strong that they will want the male before the 10th day.
  4. It is important to make contact with the owner of the stud as soon as you see any blood, swelling or obsessive cleaning. This insures that when the time comes to be bred the Stud is available.
  5. Tie (dogs locking together): This is best done 3 times on different days to give us a better chance of covering the female.



  1. Moods of the females can change just like in women. We are not all alike and neither are they. They will sleep more than usual and some of them even start acting like a princess.
  2. Food should be available to them as often as possible or even at all times. For some active females a puppy food may be needed.  Just remember to introduce slowly so that the female does not get diarrhea.
  3. When you start getting into the 5th week the female may start to go off her food. Everything in your power must be done to get her to eat. This is the part of the pregnancy that all of the puppies bones are growing. A lot of calcium is needed at this time and a calcium deficiency can cause an upset tummy.  So give her what ever you need to get her to eat, very often treats work. If this does not work you may have to have her calcium levels checked.  Liquid calcium can be found in the grocery store in flavours that your dog will like.
  4. Consult with your Veterinarian  before giving any calcium.


  1. 6 or more towels should be layered in a crate or bed that will be big enough for female and her puppies. I find that this allows you to strip away the dirty towel every time a puppy is born. This minimizes the mess so that the female can concentrate on cleaning the puppy and not herself.
  2. Surgical gloves are best used for the delivery and changed after each puppy is born.
  3. Sterilized scissors will be needed to cut the umbilical cord if the mother does not know what to do. This is not uncommon. I have seen females run and hide after giving birth to a puppy. They though it was something bad that came out.  It is not until they hear the puppy cry that they figure it out.
  4. Sterilized clamps are the best things to use to stop the blood flow in the umbilical cord.
  5. Paper towel is very handy if a puppy is coming out breech. As soon as the hind quarters are out you can put the towel around it to give you a better grip to assist the puppy coming out.