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Dog Breeding

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Female dog’s heat cycle is every 6 months, but sometimes they are a little early or late. The environment and surroundings influence a dog’s heat cycle greatly. For example, if a female dog’s heat can be induced by the presence of other female dog that is in heat. Some female dogs can take up to an year get their first heat.


For your pet to lead a healthy life and to have a healthy breed, it is vital not to breed on her first heat. Even if it takes her a year to get her first heat. This is to allow enough time to develop the reproductive system of her body.



You need to be very familiar with your dog’s behavior and her body. You need to know the size of your dog’s vulva. This is important as if you do not know how big it is when she is not in heat you will not be able to determine if she is swelling up or not. When the female starts her heat she will start to bleed and swell. The female will then be obsessed with cleaning herself. This swelling is the beginning of the heat. It is the natural progression that a female goes through so that her body is ready to accept the male. A female can only accept a male after she has progressed through the changes of the next 9 days. On the tenth day she will flag. Flagging is when the female moves her tail to the side so that it is out of the way for the male. When she does this she is ready to stand for the male. You need to start checking for the female to flag a couple of times a day starting when you first see blood. You need to touch her around the base of her tail to see if she reacts to it. This will help you to notice the change in her from start to finish.


Doggie diapers can be used to control to mess if the female is not cleaning herself good enough. These diapers are also helpful if you put them on at bed time. A light days pad put in the diaper will help to determine when the bleeding starts. When the bleeding stops there should be a brownish discharge that will appear in the diaper. The day that it appears is the first day the female should be bred. 


The goal is to have the breeding go as natural as possible. For some females it does not come naturally so we need to help them understand what is going on. If the female was in the wild the male and female would not leave each others sides for the 17 days of heat. Unfortunately we do not have that kind of time so we sometimes have to help it along.


It is important to contact the owner of the stud as soon as your female shows any sign of heat. Timing is very important and if I am going to be on holidays at the time that you need my male arrangement need to be made for him to be available. It is important that the female be breed between the 10 - 14 day. 

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